About Us

Ettore is a UK based cycling brand who specialises in cycling clothing and accessories. We have many years of experience under our collective belts and as cycling enthusiasts ourselves, believe we are best positioned to offer what cyclists need and want.

How We Differ

Cycling Clothing And Accessories Made by Cyclists for Cyclists

As stated, the members of our team involved in the development and testing of cycling accessories and cycling apparel are themselves enthusiasts and our aim is always to create cutting-edge clothing that offers the wearer high-performance.

As people passionate about this sport that we all love to participate, we are keenly aware of the changes and evolution that’s occurred. With the in mind we always want to meet those requirements and standard, while still providing innovative and comfortable clothing that allows you to perform well.

Cycling Clothing For All Levels

Rather than just offering specialist clothing for experienced national champions and Olympians, we are focused on delivering the best cycling clothing and accessories across the board. Ettore have products designed for anyone from beginners and commuters to local and national competing athletes.

From The Drawing Board to Manufacturing

As we are all avid cyclists and deeply passionate about our work, we don’t outsource any of the quality control or design process. From the very beginning stages on the drawing board when we are designing, right through to the manufacturing of prototypes and testing to the finalised versions, we are always heavily involved. We have very exacting standards and make sure all products stay true to these.

We have a special focus on always looking for ways to enhance existing fabrics or create completely new fabrics that help modern riders meet their full potential.